Asset Tracking

Current industrial asset tracking solutions are focused on one segment of the asset’s life cycle.
As part of our constant work with end-users, we realized that the industry is looking for a more holistic solution.
Indusify is developing an end-to-end asset tracking solution, that provides a tracking solution for the entire life cycle of an industrial asset.
This enables us to offer a more precise ETA predictions, predict supply problems before they even occur and offer or initiate required actions.
Our life-long enabled solution is designed and built to perform in the harshest industrial conditions, and track assets outdoors and indoors, over land or overseas, stationary or in transit, continuously.
By leveraging the latest available RF technologies, mesh networks, state of the art location algorithms and advanced materials, we can achieve a sub-meter precision, with a continues tracking at a competitive price.
In addition, our management solution performs as the hub for our tracking devices as well as any other sensors and related data, which enable our clients to monitor and control all the activities from a single pane of glass.
The Indusify platform architecture comprises from sensor tags, gateways, cloud-based management system and dashboard apps making it easy to support a wide range of different use cases and verticals.
Indusify platform architecture allows a fast addition of new solutions and verticals to the system.

Lfe long Asset tracking draw blue.jpg